"What's Next?" Ultimate Career Renewal Bootcamp for Seasoned Professionals

3-Month Online Group Coaching Program

Because you deserve to LOVE Monday mornings!

Zero in on your true purpose;

the intersection of what you do well & love doing, & what the world needs & values

Craft a compelling vision statement

that will pop you out of bed in the morning & silence all those little voices that love to tell you why it’ll never work

Build a plan

Use what got you here to get you there, the “job” of your dreams

Coaching & support

from an experienced executive coach & a dedicated group of peers

Are you tired of feeling . . .

Unfulfilled? Under-appreciated?
Undervalued? Underutilized yet overworked?

You don’t need to struggle with this nagging dissatisfaction and feeling of being undervalued any more.

You don’t have to dread waking up on Monday morning because you’ll spend the week doing unfulfilling and unappreciated work, when you know you could be doing so much more.

And you’ll never again have to worry about having the courage to break out of your comfort zone or the confidence to go after the career you dream of. Even if that means asking for what you need to re-make the job you’re already in.

Because once you know the secrets inside this exciting program, you’ll know exactly what it is you were born to do and how to go find – or create – that work.

You deserve to LOVE Monday morning!

Is this you?

The “What’s Next?” program is what you’ve been looking for if

You're a seasoned professional

You’re in the last 1/3 of your career, you’ve put in your 10,000 hours (& then some!) honing a great set of skills, & now you’re eager to find – or create – your best job yet.

You're a Gen Xer

The Baby Boomers have dominated the best leadership roles for decades, while you’ve sat by & been passed over. Your time to shine has finally arrived!

You need a work environment where you can thrive

No need to put up with a toxic workplace any longer. Find a place where you can keep doing the work you love, make an impact on the world, & know you’re valued every day.

You're ready to completely change careers

That thing you’ve been longing to do is waiting for you. Now is your time, & this is your ticket. You can figure out what it takes to do the job you’ve been dreaming of, & how to show the world you have what it takes.

You're in transition, or worried about the stability of your current job, or thinking about joining the "Great Resignation"

You’re ready to be proactive & take control of your career. You’re ready to be ON FIRE every day you work, for the rest of your career. You just need a little boost of confidence, a little shot of courage, and a plan.

Just imagine . . .

How wonderful could life be, waking up on Monday morning and knowing you get to do work that will use your best gifts every day?

Imagine what it will feel like to know you MATTER, and your work makes a difference! To know you’re going to feel appreciated today, and every day, for the value you bring to the organization, to your team, to your clients!

How much difference will your fulfillment make in your life? How different will things be for your family when you’ve made this big change and become a happier, more fulfilled person?

That’s the vision I have for you! Shouldn’t it be the one you have for yourself?

Up your game

There’s never been a better time to find and land a job that will use the full potential you’ve been honing all of your career. Employers are in desperate need of people who are on fire to help them reach a new future!

Change fields entirely

You’ve built a valuable trove of transferrable skills. Find out what it takes to do the job you’re dreaming of and learn how to show the world you have what it takes.

Go out on your own

Conquer the challenges – including the fear – of starting or owning your own business, or becoming an independent contractor or consultant, and finally be your own boss.

Move between worlds

If your dream is to move between industry and education, or for profit and not-for-profit, you’ll figure out how to access the critical insider knowledge needed to finally make that move.

Land a job you'll love every day

If you’re in transition you’ll gain the focus, confidence, and a detailed plan that will yield the result you dream of.

Transform the job you already have

Maybe your current job just needs a few tweaks to become the one you’ve dreamed of. Zero in on your purpose and let that drive you in asking for, and getting, the changes you need to make it happen.

Hi, I’m Lorri Anderson


In my 30+ years as an HR executive I made a study of corporate “thrivers”, and I’m driven to help more people BECOME thrivers.

Now, as I coach individuals, I’ve noticed a common theme among my clients.  They’re often accomplished professionals who are in the last third of their career, dissatisfied with what “success” has brought to their lives, and eager to find a way to make a bigger, more meaningful impact with their work so they can live a more fulfilled life.

I’ve learned how to help my clients get committed and take smart, strategic, and inspired action. I’ve discovered and pulled together the best little-known practices and tactics for them to get results and move forward.

I created the “What’s Next?” Ultimate Career Renewal Bootcamp group coaching program to make this information accessible and affordable for more people.

I want YOU to love the work you do, every day for the rest of your career!

~ Lorri Anderson

Why Group Coaching?


The group format makes this amazing experience vastly more affordable and accessible for you.

But more than that, it gives you the incomparable opportunity to be part of a cohort of like-minded, dedicated peers who are going through the same journey.

You’ll benefit each other by sharing the wisdom and connections gained in your own careers.

You’ll help each other be accountable to the plans you make.

And most of all, you’ll encourage each other, help each other overcome your deepest fears, and cheer each other on.

Team Hands

Don’t take my word for it . . .


Let me tell you about some inspiring people who found a way to make that enormous leap
from the drudgery of a career that no longer gave them the energy to get out of bed in the morning,
and put in the work to find “What’s Next?” for themselves.

Lisa . . .

. . . took a huge leap of faith to leave her corporate executive job, complete with a big salary, stock options, and all the perks, to start a nonprofit from scratch. She says the work gives her a sense of purpose far greater than anything she’s done in the past, and despite the hard work and steep learning curve, she can’t think of anything else she’d rather be doing. These days she’s completely reenergized, and she feels overwhelming gratitude to be able to do this work.

Yoga Icon

JennieRuth . . . 

. . . spent most of her adult life taking whatever work she could find that would help pay the bills while giving her enough flexibility to raise her family. But those jobs never made her happy… in fact at times she was downright miserable. Now she’s teaching yoga, has a schedule that works perfectly for her life, and the opportunities to partner on amazing, life-changing events for clients – and get paid for it! – just keep rolling in. She says from the moment she set foot on the right path, everything began falling into place, and it all just became so EASY.

Jan . . . 

. . . spent years honing skills to help people inside organizations and became a real expert in her field. After years in for-profit and publicly traded environments, she was ready to use those skills in an organization with a mission she’s highly passionate about. And because her new employer is also smaller, she has responsibility for new functions and initiatives that give her a chance to learn and contribute in new ways. She feels like she has the best of all worlds!

Your story could be like Lisa’s, Jan’s, or JennieRuth’s!

Do you have questions?

What exactly do I get in the "What's Next?" program?

You get step-by-step training, guidance, tools, resources and support on how to identify and go find what’s next for you.

I’m committed to you figuring out what it is you want to do for the rest of your working years and then getting there, and have bent over backwards to help you make that happen!

The program includes:

  • 3 months of weekly sessions
  • Worksheets to help you along the way and keep track of your progress
  • Coaching from me, plus a group of committed participants to help you brainstorm and be accountable to the plans you make
  • Bonus sessions and materials to give you even more resources in overcoming obstacles, determining your own path forward, and making the leap to What’s Next for you.
How does the program work?

Once you sign up you’ll receive an email confirmation. It will include a unique link to our membership site, where you’ll be able to access the meeting schedule you can upload to your calendar, links to the online meetings, and materials like worksheets you’ll need for the program.

You’ll also receive an invitation for our exclusive Facebook group, the primary site for interacting with your cohort members.

What are the dates/times of the program?

The program consists of weekly sessions on Tuesdays, beginning October 25, 2022, and ending January 17, 2023. (We’ll take the last week of 2022 off.) Sessions will be 75 minutes long, from 11:00 am to 12:15 pm Central Time (starting at 12:00 noon ET, 10:00 am MT, 9:00 am PT). A recording of each live session will be made available in case you’re unable to attend or just want to go through a session a second time.

What if I can't make all the sessions?

We realize not everyone will be able to make all of the sessions, so all group coaching calls are recorded. You’ll get an email each week with a summary of the call and your action items so you stay on track.

We also use a private Facebook Group which is a great way to stay engaged during the “What’s Next?” program even if you miss a session or two.

Will you be offering the "What's Next?" program again?

The “What’s Next?” bootcamp that starts on October 25th is the ONLY one currently scheduled.

I'm not sure I qualify as someone who is in the "last third of my career." Is this program right for me?

If you’re eager to figure out your purpose and interested in making your remaining working years as AMAZING as possible, then absolutely, this program is for you! We’ll go step-by-step to make it as easy as possible for you to find “What’s Next?” for you.

The journey we’ll take together . . .

Your True Purpose

The intersection of what you love & are good at, with what the world needs & values

Curved arrow - Brand color

Compelling Vision Statement

Hack your brain for the motivation to keep moving toward your dream, despite obstacles & fears

Curved arrow - Brand color

Your Plan

Leverage what got you here to build a plan that will get you there, to the job of your dreams, whatever that might be!

Plus, you’ll receive over $400 in added value

Downloadable worksheets $49 value
Bonus Session: Be Your Own Boss $149 value
Bonus Session: Make the Jump to Nonprofit $149 value
Bonus Materials: Career Search Today $49 value
Bonus Materials: Career Search Over 50 $49 value


That’s a total value of nearly $2500 . . . .

. . . . But you’ll pay just $1998!


But WAIT! Register by midnight (CT) on Friday, October 14th, for the EARLY BIRD rate of just


Still Have Questions?

Thanks for reaching out with your questions. I'll get back to you promptly!

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