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3 Secret Strategies to Transform Your Career

Tuesday, May 24th, 2022

11 am – 12:30 pm Central Time

(Start time 12:00 pm ET / 10:00 am MT / 9:00 am PT)

Just 90 minutes of your time to transform your career into one you'll love for a lifetime!

Learn the Secret Weapon

for finding out everything you’ll need to know to get the job of your dreams

Discover 4 Foolproof Ways

to show you have what it takes to do that dream job

Get Unstuck for Good

so you can move forward to Transform Your Career

Coaching & Feedback

normally offered exclusively to my 1:1 executive coaching clients

What would it be like to LOVE Monday Morning?


Did you pop out of bed this morning, eager to get to work and get on with an AMAZING week ahead?

Are you ON FIRE every day on the job?

Do you feel appreciated and valued every day?

Are you satisfied and fulfilled, knowing you’re using your best unique gifts for good in the world?

If you answered “YES!” to any one of those questions, you are one of the luckiest people on the planet!

But if you’re like most people, Monday mornings suck. It’s hard to drag yourself out of bed, knowing you’ll face another whole week of feeling dissatisfied, under-appreciated, overworked but underutilized, and worst of all, underpaid.

If not now, when?

We’ll delve into why NOW is the perfect time to make the career of your dreams a reality.

What's stopping you?

We’ll explore the fears that keep you (and everyone!) from moving forward. Because once you know what they are you can deal with them, and get UNSTUCK for good!

Are you ready?

I’ll share a checklist that will help you get prepared – financially and otherwise – so you can move forward with confidence.

Figure out what to do next!

You’ll walk away with practical tips for moving forward now. You’ll also learn about my signature group coaching program, “Find Your LAST.BEST.JOB.” so you can determine if it’s right for you.

Hi, I’m Lorri Anderson


the creator of the Find Your LAST.BEST.JOB. group coaching program, and I help seasoned professionals who are eager to make every day of the rest of their career AMAZING.

My coaching programs and tools have helped dozens of people like you zero in on what brings them joy and satisfaction in their work, get inspired, build a plan for their best future, and then take inspired action to get there.

Without that clarity and support, you might stay in a job where Monday mornings suck, never making the contribution you’re capable of.

With it you can begin to experience joy every day at work and make your best impact on the world.

~ Lorri Anderson

Every day for the rest of your career can be AMAZING

…and you deserve it!

Join me for this free 90-minute session on Tuesday, May 24th, and learn what it takes to transform your career!

Whether that means re-making the job you’re in, finding a new job where you can do the work you already love in an environment where you can thrive, or switching fields entirely, you’ll walk away from this session inspired and confident that you can make it happen.

You deserve to LOVE Monday mornings!

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