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Your SuperPowers are the key to having a job that pops you out of bed on Monday morning, ON FIRE to get to work, using your unique gifts and doing what you love. Do you know what yours are?

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Uncover Your Career SuperPowers

My proven 4-step process that’s helped dozens of seasoned professionals hone in on their SuperPowers, so you too can make your remaining working years AMAZING


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In this FREE e-Book, I’ll Show You…
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Identify Your Own SuperPowers

With my 4-step process & handy tips you’ll hone in on your SuperPowers with ease and clarity.
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Surprising Places to Look

You won’t miss the blind spots that keep many of us from ever identifying our own SuperPowers.
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Strengths vs. SuperPowers

Discover the 5 simple criteria to know for sure that your strength is a real SuperPower.
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Guidance for the Rest of the Journey

Plus, I’ll show you how you can get step-by-step support to make the rest of your working years AMAZING.
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Hi, I’m Lorri Anderson

the creator of the “What’s Next?” Ultimate Career Renewal Bootcamp group coaching program, and I help seasoned professionals who are eager to make every day of the rest of their career AMAZING.

The Uncover Your Career SuperPowers process has helped dozens of people like you hone in on what brings them joy and satisfaction in their work.

Without that clarity, you might stay in a job where Monday mornings suck, never making the contribution you’re capable of.

With it you can begin to experience joy every day at work and make your best impact on the world.

Lorri Anderson


The first step to JOY at work every day is Only a Click Away…


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