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Should I Actually Quit My Job?

The proven 60-second decision-making tool that’s helped my clients get unstuck and take action to have a career they love every day


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Cut through the noise to assess what’s really important in choosing a job where you can thrive

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Insight - Life is Short!

Staying miserable today shortens the time you have to be ON FIRE, doing work you love every day.

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Get Unstuck

Once you’re off the fence you too can begin to take inspired action for a better future.


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Guidance for the Journey

When you’re ready, I’ll show you how you can get step-by-step support to make the rest of your working years AMAZING.



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Hi, I’m Lorri Anderson

the creator of the “What’s Next?” Ultimate Career Renewal Bootcamp program, and I help seasoned professionals who are eager to make every day of the rest of their career AMAZING.

The “Should I Actually Quit My Job?” Quiz has helped dozens of people like you discern whether it’s time to move on, and then to take inspired action to have the future they dream of.

If you never make that decision, you might stay stuck in a job where Monday mornings suck, never making the contribution you’re capable of. You, your family, and the world all pay the price.

If you make that decision and take action, you too can begin to experience joy every day at work and make your best impact on the world.

Lorri Anderson

“Nothing happens until you decide. Make

a decision and watch your life move forward.”

~ Oprah Winfrey

Get unstuck today! Your 60-second decision-making tool is only a click away…

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