Strategic HR Consulting

I help mid-market sized, privately-held businesses in all industries.

I’ll partner with you and your leadership team to…

Transform Your Business - Meet the needs of the future through your people


Envision the best possible future for your company,

Align and commit to that vision,

Understand the cultural transformation it will take to get there, then

Build a roadmap to drive the transformation

Assess Your Current HR Function


Identify strengths and weaknesses of structures, systems and processes to determine how well they align with and support the strategic plans of the HR department and the business.

Improve Organizational Results


Ensure your leadership practices and HR programs and initiatives effectively and sustainably:

Address and support business objectives,

Improve performance, and

Strengthen the capabilities of your organization and its people.

As a Consultant…

I’m passionate about helping leaders of mid-market sized, privately-held businesses transform their organizations by aligning around a future vision, then crafting and implementing strategies that will engage the hearts and minds of their people to attain the highest level of success and company value.

If you’re looking for a proven professional who can guide your team to create a culture that will:

  • support the company’s vision, with every stakeholder on board and on fire to make it happen,
  • be resilient to react quickly and effectively to volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, and
  • ultimately create maximum value for ownership,

you’ve come to the right place. With over 30 years of experience working with leadership teams with similar worries and concerns and guiding them to achieve remarkable success, my mission and commitment is to serve as a strategic Human Resources partner to decision makers in organizations that have an urgent need to transform their business in order to thrive in the future.

A natural strategic thinker, I recognized early in my career that successful businesses rely on their people to make them great, and that I could do meaningful work and make my biggest impact in Human Resources, where the mission is to balance the needs of the people with the needs of the business.

Results you can expect

I’m a businessperson first, a strategic executive leader second, and an HR practitioner third. Former peers and bosses say remarkable things about the impact my work has had on their business success. Example comments include:


“Lorri Anderson is a highly skilled strategic Human Resources business partner who has successfully lead executive transitions through private equity ownership changes, cultural transformations within organizations, and execution of market shifts in setting up and sun-setting facilities across the US and Mexico. She is able to develop strategic plans while managing tactical execution of day-to day business.

Lorri communicates well with all levels of the organization, from board members to individual associates, taking care to adjust the message to appropriate connect with what matters to each level of the organization. She has extensive, well-rounded HR knowledge and expertise in coaching operations partners from the Supervisory to Executive levels. She can share tough messages while remaining compassionate. She is a trusted advisor and partner.

Lorri thrives in environments where she can lead change.” ~ Lisa Walker, SVP Operations, DISH Network

“I had the opportunity to work with Lorri as our corporate HR VP. Lorri has brought a number of creative programs into our organization and has been critical in the transition of our company closing facilities and staffing up new facilities… Lorri brings a professionalism to the job that is complemented by her strong interpersonal skills. I would gladly work with Lorri again at any organization fortunate enough to have her on their team.” ~ John Driscoll, IT Business Analyst, CSPO

“It was a pleasure working with Lorri on the HR/IT initiatives at Northwestern Travel. Lorri had solid understanding of her team’s capabilities and challenges, and delegated the right resources for each project. Lorri is an excellent project sponsor to work for because she is fair and she can clearly articulate her visions and expectations to the project teams.” ~ Dominic Fong, Associate Director, UnitedHealthcare



My Approach to Consulting…

What drives me to do this work is knowing that people and businesses need each other, and in the best of all worlds they thrive together.

What sets me apart from other HR leaders is my understanding of business along with my consistent big-picture perspective and realistic optimism.

  • I see change of any kind as opportunity.
  • I find ways to make change positive.
  • I thrive on change and excel at helping others do so as well.

A few more things about me and my experience that may be relevant to our work together:

  • My HR experience is both broad and deep, from the hands-on tactical level up to the 50,000-foot strategic view, working with all aspects of the field.
  • A thoughtful and deliberate decision-maker myself, I excel at working with leaders who have the opposite style – the faster the better!
  • I don’t think of company “politics” as positive or negative, but simply as “the way things get done around here”, and pride myself on figuring them out in order to be effective.
  • I excel at helping people re-frame their point of view, and hence have been asked many times to provide coaching to peer leaders who are struggling in various ways.
  • A caring, fair and transparent leader to my own team, I have high expectations, engender loyalty, and inspire the achievement of extraordinary outcomes.
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