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  • Negotiating with an employer is different from other negotiations in a number of ways. For one, unless it’s a job offer, you’ll need to initiate the conversation. And it’s not only about money. Every aspect of the employment exchange is a potential negotiation chip.
  • Negotiation is crucial to your long-term success. On average, those who negotiate a job offer gain 7% in salary over those who don’t. Over the course of a career that can compound to hundreds of thousands of dollars! $$$$$
  • Men are more likely to negotiate, successfully, than women. But it’s not because they’re better at it, or even simply a matter of more confidence. Women who negotiate assertively on their own behalf pay a social price that men don’t pay.

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Hi, I’m Lorri Anderson

the creator of the “What’s Next?” Career Renewal coaching program, and I help seasoned professionals who are eager to make every day of the rest of their career AMAZING.

Not negotiating for a better deal from their employer is a top career regret for thousands.

The information in this 10 Essential Keys guide has helped dozens of people like you successfully get what they need, what they most want, and what they deserve from their careers.

With it, you too can get clarity around what you really want and confidence in what you’re really worth, then learn the tools and tricks you need to successfully negotiate for it.

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