Master Your Self-Talk to Get Unstuck and Become Unstoppable

What’s the story you’re telling yourself?


Do you recognize your inner voice? How often is it negative?

If you’re like most of us, the stories you regularly tell yourself are probably negative more often than they’re positive.

Get that inner voice under control and you’ll have nailed one of the biggest secrets to success and happiness.

The first step to taking control is awareness.

  • Make it a habit to notice when your inner voice pipes up and what it says.
  • What does it sound like? Does it remind you of someone you know? Just for fun, give it a nickname!
  • When is it especially critical? You’ll have a much better chance of silencing it if you can identify the triggers.

Once you know your inner voice well, it’s time to work on replacing that old negative script.

You’ll need to make sure you have plenty of material to offset what it’s saying to you. Build a treasure trove by:

  • Reminding yourself what’s most important to you
  • Remembering past successes
  • Keeping an “asset inventory” (thank you messages you’ve received from others, etc.)

Then make a plan for how you want to react, using that treasure trove, the next time there’s a trigger. When your negative voice starts in on you, you’ll recognize it right away.

You can greet it by name.

You can show it to the door.

And you can roll the new script!

Lorri Anderson

Lorri Anderson

Lorri Anderson is an expert consultant to businesses and a powerful coach to individuals. After a long and rich career as a strategic HR executive, she is driven to give back by changing the Human Experience in today’s workplaces, one business or human at a time.

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