A lot has been written about how important mindset is for famous athletes. And there’s a lot of information out there about how the same principles apply for success in business and other endeavors.

Whether your chosen path is business, professional sports, or like me at this stage, a leap into the solopreneur universe, there’s no doubt your mindset will shape your outcomes.

In this solopreneur journey I’ve become acutely aware of how my mindset – specifically, whether I approach my life with a mindset of abundance or scarcity – affects my actions, and ultimately my success.

Growing up in a household of modest means, I inadvertently absorbed beliefs like “Making money is hard work,” and “Spirituality and wealth don’t mix.” I’m not a worrier by nature…but somehow I picked up the habit of worrying about money.

I’m working hard to recast those early lessons and redefine my relationship with abundance.

I’ve noticed that the “experts” all seem to advise a close examination of those scarcity memories. Yet my childhood was also full of experiences demonstrating abundance. I started writing them down, and by the time I looked up from my journal I had pages and pages of rich memories – evidence of the many ways the universe has always provided for me.

Not only was I always sheltered, clothed, and fed, but my parents and grandparents conjured up amazing abundance seemingly out of nothing – by growing a big garden, sewing our clothing, building bookshelves and picnic tables from scratch….

It’s a mystery why those scarcity beliefs stuck so strongly, but now I’m working to hold that abundance vision instead.

Recently, I stumbled upon a simple and profound insight from David Bayer that resonated deeply. He says:

“I have always had enough. I have enough. I will always have enough.”

Because everyone who is alive at this moment has, by definition, always had enough.

Because I am breathing. I am whole. I am here. By definition, I have enough.

Because based on the facts that I survived in the past and persist in the present, why wouldn’t I believe that I will always have enough? (Yep. At its core, an abundance mindset is all about faith.)

I invite you to reflect on your own abundance or scarcity memories. Which lessons have you carried forward? Is it time to reexamine them, and perhaps make a different choice?

You deserve abundance! With the right mindset, belief, and action, you can create the career and life you truly desire.

Lorri Anderson

Lorri Anderson

Lorri Anderson is an expert consultant to businesses and a powerful coach to individuals. After a long and rich career as a strategic HR executive, she is driven to give back by changing the Human Experience in today’s workplaces, one business or human at a time.

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