Hi, I’m Lorri Anderson

Why “a better Human Experience”?
Because there’s a better way!

A better way . . .

The purpose of work is to improve the human condition.

In this era of human existence, we group together into organizations like businesses to do that work.

But ironically, many workplaces have become miserable soul-sucking replicas of the proverbial underworld that employees can’t wait to get away from when their workday ends.

There is a better way. A way for work to be good for the people as well as the businesses they serve.

I’ve spent 30+ years working inside companies to help the people and the business create a sustainable balance that’s good for both. Now I do that work from the outside, helping individual humans have the most fulfilling careers possible, and helping businesses that need an HR strategy boost to figure out how they can make the balance sustainable – by creating a workplace where humans thrive in ways that make the business soar.

To accomplish great things together, humans need…

Vision (a compelling one).

They need to know what they’re working toward and believe in it. They need to know why they matter in that vision and how their contribution makes a difference.


Without alignment of the team from top to bottom, there is no compelling vision. When everyone is pushing the flywheel in the same direction, amazing things are possible.


Employees with a compelling vision who trust that the company and their coworkers have their back will make the most incredible contributions. And trust is the basis for a resilient organization, one that can bounce forward when the unexpected happens.

Honest communication.

Clear is kind. Honest communication is hard, but without it there is no trust, no alignment, and nothing compelling about the vision.

My Approach

As a strategic HR consultant, I partner with CEOs and leadership teams to help transform their businesses to meet the needs of the future through their people. Together we envision and align around the best possible future for the company, develop a true understanding of the transformation it will take to reach that future, then build a road map to get the business from here to there.

As a coach, I help individuals and groups to take control of their careers, navigate their surroundings, and up their games to make their best contributions. Trained by the NeuroLeadership Institute, my methods are based on the latest research about how the human brain works. I work with coachees to maximize insights that will drive new behaviors, extraordinary outcomes, and satisfying fulfillment of their true potential.

As a speaker, I engage audiences on multiple topics related to my work, in sessions ranging from 20-minute speeches to full-day workshops.

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